The only thing better than short stories are linked short stories. I love to read them. And I love to write them. Back in 2012 I wrote a story about a character called Hen who goes on holiday to France with her sister Daphne. The story is called "Gliding, Weightless"  and was published in Riddle Fence, issue 21. And then I wrote another story set a couple of years earlier and told from the point of view of Hen's husband Neil. It's called "Quickening" and today it was published by Understorey Magazine's latest issue. You can read the story here.

Riddle Fence

Riddle Fence 21 is out and includes my story, Gliding, Weightless.

In Gliding, Weightless two sisters take a cycling trip in France. The story is about sibling rivalry, theoretical physics, and (maybe) infidelity. You can hear a bit more about it and the entire issue of Riddle Fence in this CBC radio piece.

Riddle Fence is a young journal, only a handful of years old, and there's something really fresh about its design. The work they feature is provoking and edgy.

 Clem Curtis' cover art in this issue is arresting and the piece that accompanies my story is perfect. Landscape and the sky are key players in my story and a great complement to Jillian's Waite's Encroach.