Frequently Asked Questions


Why are there no quotation marks in your book?

Good question. The answer is here.

What happens next, after the end of the novel?

That's all she wrote, I'm afraid. It is up to every reader to decide for themselves what happens to the characters and what they do next.

I finished your novel and I want more!

Here's a little something.

How can I invite you to my literary festival?

I love festivals and all things bookish. Please get in touch with one of my publicists. They keep my schedule organized and maximize my time when I'm away from home. I've been replying to requests that come directly to me but to be honest, it is becoming too difficult to juggle. So please contact Erin (M&S) or Charlotte (Doubleday). 

When are you coming to my town?

I keep my events page updated with readings and public appearances.

Can I hire you to review/ help with my manuscript?

Not this year, I'm afraid. 2018 is BONKERS.