2019: "Happy Adventure": short story in Joyland

2018: “Madonna in the Linen Closet”: essay in The New Quarterly 148

2018: "When the end came": short story in Riddle Fence 29

2018: "Mutton Curry": short story in Maisonneuve (summer issue)

Photo credit: Laura Chapnick (Penguin Random House)

Photo credit: Laura Chapnick (Penguin Random House)

2018: "Quickening": short story in Understorey Magazine's Blood issue

2018: "Good country": essay in The Newfoundland Quarterly online

2017: "Reading Week" & "Butter tea at Starbucks" in The Journey Prize 29

2017: "Obituary: O'Shea, Eustace "Bunky": postcard fiction in The Newfoundland Quarterly online

2016: "Butter tea at Starbucks": short story in The New Quarterly 140, long-listed for a Journey Prize

2016: "Doppel": short story in Hazlitt

2016: "Lord of the Manor": short story in The Dalhousie Review 95.3

2015: “Miloslav”: short story published in The New Quarterly 137, long-listed for a National Magazine Award

2015: “The Frog”: short story published in Grain 43.1

2015: "Reading Week": short story published in PRISM international 54.2, long-listed for a Journey Prize

2015: “Love you, bye”: short story published in Room Magazine 38.4

2015: “Gliding, Weightless”: short story published in Riddle Fence 21

2015: "This fiction is fat free": commissioned essay in Atlantic Books Today, issue 79

2015: “A drawer full of Guggums”: short story published in Racket: New Writing made in Newfoundland (Breakwater Books, Fall 2015)

2012: “The space in between”: short story for The Cuffer Anthology IV (Killick Press)

2012: “All that you left": short story for This Great Society

2011: “West London, early evening”: creative non-fiction for This Great Society (February 2011)

2010: “Synonyms of the verb covet”: flash fiction for This Great Society

2009: “I moved to England and became a housewife”: essay for the Globe and Mail. They came up with the title. (Cringe)