The good people at The New Quarterly requested a peak inside my writing sanctuary and I was happy to oblige (mostly because it gave me a valid excuse to close my laptop, cue up a podcast, and clean). You can check out the feature here.

The garland of platonic solids strung over the window was made by my live-in mathemagician. There's a mermaid - who you can't see - hanging out on top of the bookcases, a quote from Cheryl Strayed on the desk, an irrational number clock on the wall, a Gabrielle action figure (a gift from a former boss), an Ebola virus plush toy (yes, that's a real thing and yes, I know it's weird), and all my favourite authors crammed together on the shelves. I'm not shy about saying that I love this space. It's clean and bright and peaceful and most evenings, the sun puts on an incredible light show through that window.