Reading Week

My story, Reading Week, is in the new PRISM international. Jo is studying for midterms when her estranged brother Jeremy comes knocking on her door. Reading Week is a story about siblings, memory, and re-invention. I recommend reading it while playing Moist, Portishead, and Prodigy in the background.

Reading Week was first drafted back in 2012 and was subsequently long-listed for the House of Anansi Broken Social Scene Short Story Contest in 2013 (which means a bunch of my most favourite musicians read and liked my story!!!). I then sent various drafts of the story to several magazines only to have it bounce back each time like a boomerang. Then finally: acceptance!

The good people at PRISM have been a joy to work with and I'm so thrilled that after several rejections, they finally accepted one of my stories. (This is NOT AT ALL a slight on PRISM. Just wanted to point out that rejection is part of the process, just like revision and perseverance). So when editor Christopher Evans asked for an interview, I was chuffed! You can read it here.

Also, how stunning is that cover?