Legs Dangling Out

Hey! ArtsNL just awarded me a grant!

I'm really pleased. The money is much appreciated of course but almost as important is what a grant represents. Someone is willing to invest in my work. And in a collection of short stories, no less. Novels get all the glory but a short story is no easy feat. Bless you, ArtsNL.

The name of the thing keeps changing but at the moment the collection is called "Legs Dangling Out." It's a line from an early short story that was cut long ago. I've been bashing away at these stories for a while now - since I started writing, really. I've got about twenty (some published, some still in early stages) and a complete first draft is coming into view. December is my goal and I'm toying with the idea of taking a class in the Fall to give me the final push across the finish line.

Watch this space.