Always be submitting

Always Be Submitting. Always. Always. Be. Submitting. Send your work out into the world, to contests and publications, in your home country and abroad. Never mind the rejection. Rejection just means you can send that story elsewhere.

The New Quarterly is looking for stories, poems, and essays from diverse writers for a special feature on diversity in their Fall issue. The best part is you can skip the usual submission rigamarole and email your piece directly to them. Also, there's no max word count. DUE DATE: JUNE 15, 2016.

Also, this insane new prize was recently announced. Fifty thousand American dollars (That's sixty three and change Canadian) for a story, novel, or screenplay featuring a female protagonist. Writers of all genders and nationalities welcome. Learn more and submit here. DUE DATE: JUNE 8, 2016. FIFTY THOUSAND AMERICAN DOLLARS. What are you waiting for?