The big day is HERE. The Boat People is on shelves and e-readers and nightstands across Canada TODAY.


For the past couple of weeks I've been getting notes from friends who pre-ordered online and received their books early and it's been such a thrill to see photos of them holding their very own copies. I am so excited about sightings of my book IN THE WILD.

It's been such a thrill too to randomly stumble on mentions of the book in articles. Last week I was reading Jen Sookfong Lee's year in review article on Open Book and was pleasantly surprised to find my name in the same paragraph as the words "new Canlit." Y'all...I'm a card carrying member of CANLIT now.

Toronto Life.JPG

On Boxing Day my friend Erin texted me the photo on the right. There she was, minding her own business, catching up on the new Toronto Life and BAM...there's my book in its own red column.

Four and a half years ago, The Boat People was a vague idea I had for a novel. Twenty two months ago it was a publication deal. Last April it was a final manuscript. In July, there was an Advance Reader Copy. And today it's a real book on shelves.

The Boat People isn't mine anymore. Not really. When a book is released it becomes its own entity, a thing in the world, something that belongs as much to the readers as to the writer. I hope you love it.