Feast for the eyes

BIG NEWS! My novel - The Boat People - is now available for pre-order. The American edition is available in hard cover and e-book. The Canadian edition is available in soft cover and e-book. On shelves January 9th...less than two months away. And check out these gorgeous covers! I'm calling them the fraternal twins.

The Canadian cover was designed by Andrew Roberts. To me this image, of a boat cresting those monumental waves, can be read in one of two ways. Either you see that tiny ship and worry about its welfare or you view that ship coming your way as a threat. Andrew's cover nails the two sides of the debate that plays out through the novel: are the people on board vulnerable or dangerous?

When I got my hands on the advance reader copy, I spent a long time marvelling at the splotches of colour on the waves, amazed at how Andrew managed to get a two-dimensional image to look so textured. The secret is a lamp post! He used a photo of a lamp post to get that subtle, gorgeous effect. Designers are magicians.

Boat People Final CA cover.jpg

Canadian edition - available in soft cover and e-book

For the American cover, Doubleday hired Italian illustrator Emiliano Ponzi. I must admit I got a bit teary when I saw his design. This sums up the heart of the novel: Mahindan and Sellian looking toward the future. The tiny details really make this cover sing - the contrasting shades of orange and blue, the rippled reflection, that slim font. And like Andrew's cover, Emiliano's can be read in one of two ways. Father and son are either standing on the beach in Sri Lanka about to leave or they are standing on the shores of Canada, about to enter. Arrivals and departures. 

Boat People final US cover.jpg

American edition - available in hard cover and e-book