One Book To Rule Them All

Later this month, The Boat People will go head-to-head with Trudy Morgan Cole’s Most Anything You Please, Lisa Moore’s Something For Everyone, and Jamie Fitzpatrick’s The End of Music in NL Reads, an annual literary competition hosted by the NL Public Library. You can vote for your favourite book (hint: mine, please!) online here. On February 28, everyone is welcome to attend the debates where each book will be defended by a champion reader (details here).

My champion is super hero and local celeb Hasan Hai. He founded the hugely popular Merb’y Calendar, can be seen around town at Christmas as the hilarious Dark Elf on the Shelf, and is a phenomenal fundraiser. On a more personal note though I have really admired his commitment to goodness and community building from afar for the past couple of years. It’s going to be a tough thing not to fan girl hard when we finally meet next week. Dr. Math believes we don’t need to crunch any numbers for this competition and that I’m definitely going to win because merb’ys are magic. :)

It’s always an honour to be up for any prize but this one’s extra special because of my fellow finalists. The four of us got together last Saturday night in Trudy’s basement studio to talk books and craft. You can listen to our 1 hour convo here on Soundcloud or find the podcast Shelf Esteem: episode 22 on iTunes or your favourite podcatcher (1 hour).